Drone Services

At John L. Lowery and Associates, Inc. “Safety” is of the utmost importance. It is the goal of the company to eliminate all incidents. This is accomplished through management’s commitment and employee participation allowing safety to be integrated into all that we do. Therefore, hazards in the workplace are identified, evaluated, and successfully eliminated or managed. This has led to the company receiving many Safety Excellence awards, which includes recognition for multiple years without an OSHA recordable incident. This recognition demonstrates that John L. Lowery and Associates, Inc. is a leader in safety.


Our inspection personnel are thoroughly indoctrinated in environmental awareness and safety consciousness, two very important aspects of an efficient operation. Over the years, our company has acquired considerable experience in various areas of inspection in, new-construction inspection, in-plant inspection, turnaround inspection, vendor surveillance, expediting and vendor evaluation.


Our Aeronautical Division - UAS service allows us to have another inspection tool available for all aspects of inspection. Petrochemical: Inspection of all types of fixed equipment using visual, FLIR, and gas detection of pipelines, flare stacks, cooling towers, etc. Utilities / Energy: Visual inspection of power plants, power lines, substations, cell towers, etc. Construction: Visual inspection of bridges, roadways, etc. Insurance: Visual inspection of property damage due to weather conditions. Emergency Response: Police, search and rescue, public safety, first responders, etc. Precision Agriculture: Management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter/ intra field variability on crops. Mapping/Surveying: Ability to locate a precise position. Create maps on a small scale. Film/Photo/Video: Photographic, film, real estate industries. Equipment: We have available equipment that meets all current FAA requirements and all of our client needs. UAS Staff: We offer highly skilled and qualified staff and comply with all current safety standards


Our experience and expertise lie in staffing complete projects or providing personnel to supplement client’s staff in all fields. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and endeavor to develop strong, long lasting partnerships with our clients.