Technical Contracting

Immediate Production
LOWERY PEOPLE start producing immediately.  Our experienced people require very little training.

Short or Long Term
LOWERY PEOPLE are available for short or long term assignments.  No assignment is too short or too long.  Past assignments have ranged from three days to several years.  Lowery has provided service to major clients continuously for over forty years.

Quick Staff Up
LOWERY PEOPLE allow you to staff up quickly to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Strict Confidentiality
LOWERY PEOPLE are committed to strict confidentiality of client information.  Your information remains your information.

Cost Effective
Use of LOWERY PEOPLE will save time and money in the following areas:

  • Competitive Billing Rates
  • Recruiting Expenses
  • Advertising Expenses
  • Training Expenses
  • Benefits Administration
  • Severance / Termination Pay

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If a LOWERY employee is not performing up to your expectations, we will replace the person.

Payroll/Benefits Administration
We administer a complete payroll and benefits program for our employees.  Virtually no work or effort is required on your part.

We Make It Easy
Based on your needs, we will provide qualified people, supply you with resumes, arrange for interviews and upon your approval ... put these LOWERY employees in place for you.

The Right Experience Level
We will provide LOWERY PEOPLE with the right experience for the job.  We can provide people with impressive credentials or people with less experience.  Your company benefits by paying for only the experience needed.